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International Face Darcy Castro

Check out this fashion editorial and in-depth interview with Darcy Castro, currently Mrs. Georgia American Woman of Service 2021 and the creative force behind Cultivating Respect with Darcy Castro.

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Pageant Platform Magazine Summer

Pageant Platform Magazine

August/September 2020

Our feature interview is with Elite local pageant winner, Darcy Castro. Darcy has such an amazing platform and she shares some great tips on competing, what has helped her and so much more!

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Cultivating Respect with Darcy Castro has been syndicated by The Magazine, appearing both online and in print. The premier print edition also included Darcy's cover article, featuring Paul Sr. of American Chopper and feature on NFL commentator Rich Salgado.

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The Town Tribune

May 21, 2020

Book by NF Resident, Darcy Castro, Addresses Needs of Kids of Parents with Brain Tumors

Connecticut mother and community volunteer Darcy Castro has published a book titled, “How I Feel About Dad’s Brain Tumor.” First in the series of Kindred Heart Books, this valuable resource utilizes the elements of storytelling, education and creativity to address a child’s emotions, anxiety and concerns that come with a parent’s brain tumor diagnosis.


“How I Feel About Dad’s Brain Tumor” is a short story coupled with a medical glossary and guided journal to help kids of parents diagnosed with a brain tumor navigate their emotions. Specially written for children ages 8-13, this thoughtful account is based on the author’s own experience having a parent with a brain tumor and aims to help children understand they are not alone in their experience, while giving them the tools they need to build their own emotional intelligence and support network. 


“I would like to bring the needs of children affected by a parent's brain tumor to the forefront, and advocate for them on a public stage. Their experience needs to be acknowledged and embraced,” said Castro.

Castro is currently in contact with advocacy groups, foundations and physician associations who treat or support brain tumor patients to establish a pipeline to get "How I Feel About Dad's Brain Tumor" into the hands of families who need it. Through fundraising efforts, the book is being made available for free to families in need who have a parent with a brain tumor, and a child in need of emotional support. 


To purchase the book or contribute to the fund to make the book available to families in need, visit 

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The Pageant Planet Podcast

February 2020

(Pictured left with Steven Roddy,

founder of Pageant Planet)

Darcy Castro is a writer, creator, and an advocate. She is an experienced pageant queen with a heart of gold, and amongst her pageantry successes has won the Elite National American Woman of Service 2019.

Darcy is now an advocate for helping children with parents diagnosed with a brain tumour, as Darcy’s father suffered a brain tumour when she was younger. She has now written a detailed book about her experience to help children ages 8-13 years old who may be experiencing similar circumstances.

CT Fashion Mag

November 2019

She's sowing the seeds for respect

To encourage a more civil world, Castro said she launched, “Cultivating Respect,” a year-long initiative she has undertaken as Elite National American Woman of Service.

For Castro, the concept of “respect” means “honoring the boundaries of others, caring for yourself in a healthy, loving way, and approaching the world through the lens of optimism rather than pessimism.”

Pageant Platform Magazine and Podcast was created to help contestants discern and create their own platform for pageantry, and to transform that passion into meaningful work outside of pageantry. Hear Darcy's thoughts on pageantry as a transformational personal growth experience on their podcast

CT Fashion Mag

July 2019

Stashing the Sash Fashion:

When you see them compete for a crown, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, business attire, and swimsuits or athleisure wear are the uniforms of necessity. But what do titleholders wear when the sash and crown are stashed away?

Meet the Elite Connecticut 2019 American Woman of Service Darcy Castro.

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