The Empowerment Academy

Join this exclusive, one-of-a-kind program!

Women of all walks of life, ages 12 and up, are invited to join the all-new Empowerment Academy. This personal development program will help Delegates reach their pageant, personal and professional goals while completing a series of benchmarks over a six-month commitment period. 


The Empowerment Academy has a seat at the table for you - all those who are born or self-identify as female are welcome! Join today and work towards becoming an Empowerment Academy Spokesmodel, earning a crown and sash in this non-competitive environment.


The requirements are stringent, tailored to the Delegate's goals and pageant system. Cost for the program is $350, and covers all included benchmarks, feedback, guidance, coaching, promotion and prize package.

Interested in pageantry, or not at all?! We have a place for you. If you want to break into the industry, the Empowerment Academy is the perfect place to take that first step and receive the guidance and preparation you need. However, the Empowerment Academy is not exclusive to pageantry! If you have goals you want to achieve, and need our unique brand of professional support and accountability, this program will help you get there. Not interested in earning a crown and sash? You may select an alternative plaque award to commemorate your achievement in the Empowerment Academy!


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