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The Empowerment Academy

A Hybrid Coaching Pageant System


The mission of the Empowerment Academy is to give participants a path to identify their goals, visualize their highest potential and strive to be the best versions of themselves, in an environment that supports their personal and professional goals. 

Signature Program

The Empowerment Academy is a personal development program that propels its Delegates to reach their pageant, personal and professional goals while completing a series of tailored benchmarks over a six-month commitment period. It is a non-competitive mentoring program that provides a hybrid of coaching and pageant experience to women across the spectrum of age, experience and abilities. 

As in pageantry, immense opportunities for personal growth can be gained from the preparation process, even more so than the main event itself. The Empowerment Academy was created on the premise that goal setting should be viewed from a holistic lens in order to obtain the greatest benefit from the overall experience.


Empowerment Academy events are a great place for you to gain valuable pageant and professional experience. Beginners all the way up to seasoned pros have something to gain from these fun events. They are designed for personal growth in a supportive environment.


One-on-One Coaching

The Empowerment Academy offers traditional coaching - supporting pageant, personal and professional goals - in a virtual format or on-location at our metro Atlanta, Georgia studio. "I don't guarantee the crown... you truly win if you leave the experience a stronger version of yourself able to apply what you've learned and how you've grown to your future endeavors." 


Core Values

The Empowerment Academy is built upon the core values of integrity, kindness and respect. Pageantry and other life goals are best used as a personal development vehicle, where  


Target Participants

Women of all abilities ages 17+ who identify as female are invited to apply for all Empowerment Academy programs.

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