Cultivating Respect

with Darcy Castro

Cultivating Respect with Darcy Castro is a year-long initiative to promote Crown CARES (Creating a Respectful Environment in Society), the national platform of American Women of Service.
You’re invited to come with me as I listen, learn and share about practical ways we can create respectful environments in our own little pockets of the world. Each month you’ll have access to a new article and podcast featuring honest, thought-provoking ideas that aim to inspire and foster positive, respectful communities… from the aisles of the grocery store to the halls of congress (and dare I say, internet comment forums!)
August 2019: It starts with hope
September 2019: Respecting others begins with respecting yourself
October 2019: Could the bully be me?
November 2019: What are you afraid of?
December 2019: Peace be with you
January 2020: Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!
February 2020: It's no one's fault, because we're all broken
March 2020: Patience and perspective
April 2020: Free the fiddleheads
May 2020: The winds of change can't knock you down
June 2020: May our hearts be bigger than our fear


The national platform of the American Women of Service is Crown CARES - Creating a Respectful Environment in Society. This core value is why I chose to participate in this system. Here's what I believe and how I interpret this calling: 

Pray/meditate/practice self care, then put your feet to the pavement - Be kind; Listen more; Desire to learn; Be patient; Turn your cheek, unclench your fist; Resist falling prey to polarizing, demonizing messaging; Open your mind; LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Especially in this climate we currently find ourselves, we should remember to make this a priority. Working together to create a more respectful environment begins within our own hearts. Be kind to yourself, and share that with others. Peace, friends. ❤️

© 2020 Darcy Castro

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