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You’re invited to come with me as I listen, learn and share about practical ways we can create respectful environments in our own little pockets of the world. Follow my articles, podcasts and TV interviews featuring honest, thought-provoking ideas that aim to inspire and foster positive, respectful communities… from the aisles of the grocery store to the halls of congress (and dare I say, internet comment forums!)
Season 1
It starts with hope
Respecting others begins with respecting yourself
Could the bully be me?
What are you afraid of?
Peace be with you
Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!
It's no one's fault, because we're all broken
Patience and perspective
Free the fiddleheads
The winds of change can't knock you down
May our hearts be bigger than our fear
The agony of time
Practice self care, then put your feet to the pavement - Be kind; Listen more; Desire to learn; Be patient; Turn your cheek, unclench your fist; Resist falling prey to polarizing, demonizing messaging; Open your mind; LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Especially in this climate we currently find ourselves, we should remember to make this a priority. Working together to create a more respectful environment begins within our own hearts. Be kind to yourself, and share that with others!
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