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I want to personally thank you for the help and guidance you have given me. After being in the military for 20+ years, the process of transitioning to the civilian workforce was challenging, especially with the lingo and protocol. With your help, I was able to translate and convey my skills and objectives into a direct and effective message. Your help and guidance tee’d me up for my interview. In addition to your help with writing, the guidance and mentorship you offered helped me to understand and prepare for the spectrum of questions and situations for my interview. Thank you for your help; you have not only helped me but my family as well. You have to be the best in the business. 

~ JG, U.S. Navy


Please accept this personal thanks for your tremendous effort to support the library and raise public awareness of the outsourcing proposal and budget process. The support and encouragement this has given the staff at this very difficult time is fantastic. Please know that we greatly appreciate your work and are optimistic that awareness and community interest will inspire at least three commissioners to require lesser cuts than Judge Hogan’s $250,000 by the time the budget planning process ends. You are a community hero! 

~ Marcine McCulley, Director of the Rockwall County Public Library

Darcy consistently delivers fresh, distinctive and concisely written materials. She co-labors with me in a contracted status for the Commemorative Air Force’s Red Tail Squadron, where she writes for the monthly newsletter, weekly blogs, writes copy for the web site and grants for funding. Darcy exemplifies commitment, dedication and trust. She is a valuable resource, a person I trust and know will articulate clearly on our organization’s behalf and consistently offer great service. I have observed her professional demeanor in a variety of situations ranging from stressful environments, which require quick and creative thinking to the routine tasks, which require minute attention to detail. Her capabilities include but are not limited to the ability to be creative, flexible, well organized, accountable and personable. She is incredibly loyal and tenacious. She treats her clients as friends while maintaining her professional persona. She can be exceptionally frugal with her client’s funds without detracting from the quality of the product she offers. She is not afraid to try new ideas but will speak her mind if she thinks an idea has little merit. She is well organized and injects a great deal of her personal energy into every project. She has a rock-solid reputation for doing exactly what she says she is going to do, often going above and beyond. Her success is due to old fashioned hard work and a passion for excellence. I would highly recommend Darcy to anyone who had the need for the resources of this very talented and capable professional.

~ LaVone Kay, CAF Red Tail Squadron Marketing Director

Darcy exceeds all expectations. Her writing and PR skills are impactful and strategic, with superior results. Professionally, she has displayed an effective writing style, outstanding fundraising efforts and a keen awareness of public relations tactics. Her successes throughout her career are due in large part to her genuine enthusiasm demonstrated on every project. Furthermore, Darcy has an electric personality which weaves a fabric of confidence in all who she works with on projects. A natural leader, she has the demeanor and interpersonal communication skills to build social capital with various groups. 

~ Wayne Larson, A.P.R., Manager of Communications & Marketing at City of Mesquite, TX

Hiring a PR firm is well worth the investment even if you’re a start-up company. With a great deal of flexibility and commitment Darcy understands the needs of small businesses. It is so important to work with a PR firm that not only has the right contacts but also truly believes in your product and vision. You can trust Darcy to give you her very best. I have had the pleasure of being part of an organization with Darcy serving as our president. In her role, our active membership is up, but more importantly she has been able to improve the positive reputation of the group that has led to more active involvement by former and existing members. She has created an environment where members feel welcome, regardless of work status or age. Her dedication, caring and out-of-the-box thinking has produced more opportunities for charitable involvement in the community. She continues to selflessly give of her time, energy and experience to create new activities and reshape existing ones to better fit the needs of our group and ultimately encourage more participation. She is truly amazing! 

~ Lucia McCalmont, HDNet

I have had the pleasure of knowing Darcy Castro for over 15 years. When I first met Darcy I was immediately impressed with her warmth, sincerity, infectious laugh and her go get em’ attitude. Since then I have worked with Darcy in many different capacities and I am truly blown away by her abilities, talent and love for others. I feel so grateful to have her as a core part of my team and feel that her public relations expertise has helped me take my business to the next level. 

~ Keri Murphy, Inspired Living

Darcy is the most positive and driven individual I know. Be assured that when she sets out to do a job, she not only tackles the project head on but she does it to perfection. Her organizational skills are unmatched and her writing is the epitome of professionalism. I highly recommend Darcy for any project that is set before her. 

~ Melissa Quintero, La Rosita

Darcy is a unique type of person who sets her goals and works diligently to see that her goals are met. She has a passion for helping others, and I have been fortunate to be at the receiving end of her help several times. When my 5-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia, she volunteered to coordinate an interview with FOX news and my family to help bring awareness to childhood cancer. Serving as the president for an organization in which we are both members, Darcy uses her passion to help others by serving not only members of our organization, but goes beyond that to reach out to strangers in our community by successfully coordinating food drives, clothing drives, and much more. Recently I found myself in the midst of one of the most meaningful adventures in my life. Working to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), I needed a PR representative to help bring attention to two different fundraisers. Darcy listened to my goals, took my passion for the cause, and turned them both into her own goals and passion. She worked tirelessly and efficiently to publicize my events, which collectively helped me to raise more money than I had imagined possible for LLS. Darcy’s talent, her dedication for serving others, and her ability to focus not only on her personal goals, but also those of her clients, are what separates her from the rest. She is a professional, bright, open-minded individual who I am truly blessed to have met. 

~ Katrina Tate, Ethan’s Army


Darcy Castro treats every client like a true friend. She works hard for you and with you to achieve nothing less than success! 

~ Emily Dille, Dille Designs

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