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Empowerment Academy

Competition Elements

* Interview (Contestants will participate in a recorded interview via Zoom)

* 1-page essay “How I have benefited from pageantry and how we can make the industry better”

* Contestant pageant resume/fact sheet

* A creative piece in the medium of your choice showcasing the positive benefits of pageantry

Download the Contestant Handbook below for ALL details!


$79 registration fee. That’s it! No hidden fees.


A $10 discount is offered to all current Empowerment Academy Signature Program Delegates and Spokesmodels. (Delegates email Darcy for the discount code!)


Empowerment Academy scholarship funds may be applied. 


New referrals will also count towards the Empowerment Academy Ambassador Program!

Join us! Get registered today!


Step 1: Click here to download, save and read the Contestant Handbook & Agreement for Participation.

Step 2: Fill out and submit the application by February 4th.

Step 3: Pay your full registration in the Empowerment Academy store by February 4th.


Step 4: EXTENDED DEADLINE! Submit all materials to by Sunday, February 6th at 5pm ET.

And Mark Your Calendar!

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