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Spring Pageant '21


Message from Darcy

Thank you for your time! Please click each division below, and find all the materials and score sheet for each contestant. Send completed scoresheets to by Thursday, May 13th. 


These web pages are confidential and are not to be shared outside the judge’s panel.


I’ve tried to make the judging experience enjoyable and seamless. You are able to view all contestant materials on the website, and the only item you have to download is each contestant’s scoresheet. Plug in your scores and feedback, save and email back.


Because the Empowerment Academy is committed to inclusion and diversifying the pageant industry, there are contestants that were provided accommodations. There are a few portions of their participation that have not yet been received. If and when those come through, I will add them to the site and let you know to go back and look for them. In the case you find a missing element, please leave that blank on their score sheet. 


Each contestant will be receiving special recognition for their participation, and we will be giving out a Spirit Award, Director’s Award, Newcomers Award and more. We want all of our contestants to learn from their experience and feel empowered in their pageant journey. 


Tune in to watch the full show and final results Saturday, May 15th at 6:00pm Eastern on the Empowerment Academy Facebook page! Again, thank you for your time and support. It is greatly appreciated.


~ Darcy Castro, Executive Director of the Empowerment Academy

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