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Let's Shop!

Greetings from Darcy and Juan!

If you've been following our journey, then you know that not only with your generous help have we been able to raise $10,450 to support the International Rescue Committee's resettlement efforts in Atlanta, but that we are committed to fostering an Afghan refugee family!

The fundraising campaign ENDS January 31st, but we're just getting started collecting the items needed to set up our Afghani family for their permanent housing.

Once all the purchases are made, our family can move OUT of temporary housing and IN to their apartment.

After all these families have been through, us parents understand the need for stability and "normalcy" for children. We're anxious to knock out this list and get these kids settled.

We're asking you to take a look at the needs and sign up here to commit to items you'd like to donate. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Send me $ for the value of the item(s) and I'll do the shopping.

  2. Purchase the item(s) online and have it shipped to us.

  3. Purchase the item(s) and drop it off to us.

Reach out to me at to make arrangements.

We are required to collect and purchase ALL the items before our family is moved into permanent housing. We are stockpiling everything in our home and will deliver when complete.

Thank you to my parents, Rhonda DeBok and Tim Rose, for a generous contribution of $500 towards our shopping list. And THANK YOU for following our journey and supporting our efforts. Together, we are helping to create a better future for our Afghani allies, #TogetherForAfghanistan.

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