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Let's mobilize!

See this list? It represents our next step towards getting our assigned family set up in their permanent housing. We need YOU to help make it happen!

I am happy to report that, with your generous support, we have raised $10,400 to support the International Rescue Committee of Atlanta's mission to resettle 860 Afghan allies—over 400 of whom have arrived already—and 900 refugees from other crisis zones in FY '22. Many of the families that are already here in Georgia are living in temporary housing, unable to move into a rental apartment until one becomes available AND they have all items on the above list.

You see, these families are not eligible for permanent housing or the meager stipend they will receive from the government (less the cost of the application fee, and other expenses that come along with their resettlement process) until the apartment is set up with all the necessities listed.

Here's what you can do:

  • Venmo me @Darcy-Castro to make a financial contribution. I will do the shopping and stretch our dollars as much as possible. I've found that I can find better bargains at my local retailers than through an Amazon wish list, and some items can be purchased second hand... and I happen to be a "Platinum Level Thrift Master"!!

  • If there are items you already have or have access to, you can ship directly to me. Email me at if you need to be reminded of our address.

  • If you have contacts with companies who may be able to sponsor items, please make the introduction and I'll be happy to do the leg work.

  • If you're looking for a year-end tax-deductible charitable donation option, you can donate to our campaign directly at You will receive a receipt/tax letter directly from the IRC for your donation, and can claim this on you '21 taxes (if you get it in on or before 12/31!) Although these funds will not go to our housing list purchases, it will be judiciously put to use as the IRC works for these families in need.

Our goal is to have all items purchased, catalogued, packed and ready to go by January 31st. Will you help Juan and I reach that goal?

As soon as we are able, we will share details with our family that we have been matched with. And, of course, your prayers and intentions to the universe for their safety and healing after such a traumatic experience is greatly appreciated. Together, we will create a safe space of love, kindness and respect for these vulnerable families, #TogetherForAfghanistan.

Oh, and here's a little fun pic of when Juan and I were invited to visit the IRC in honor of Giving Tuesday, as a community partner and fundraiser for this WONDERFUL organization. Here we met many refugees that have benefitted from the IRC's efforts, and are now working to help other families as they forge a new path in Georgia. It was absolutely wonderful. Peace friends! Darcy

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